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The RAUTEC GmbH is an automation service provider in “Nordrhein Westfalen” based in Bielefeld.
Our goal is to develop customized solutions for the process industries, which are characterized by their high reliability and availability.


Our team consists of engineers with many years of experience in planning and commissioning of complex automation systems. They know every trick in the books of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and steel industry as well as the rubber processing industry.
Furthermore, the RAUTEC GmbH offers innovative automation solutions for the systems and special machines that are precisely designed to the requirements of customers.


Our company emerged from the RAUTEC GmbH, which was founded in 1991 by Mr. Bernd Repohl and has its roots in control systems for the rubber industry.
In 1998 the RAUTEC GmbH cooperated with the HMR GmbH in Weinheim to be able to offer the customers a wider range of services.
With this enlargement the HMR RAUTEC GmbH was able to establish its reputation in Germany and other EU countries, as well as in South Africa, Russia, Dubai and Brazil.


On 1 January 2016, HMR RAUTEC GmbH now returns to its origins and changes its name to RAUTEC Automatisierungs- und Prozessleittechnik GmbH.


Accordingly to the 25th anniversary the company is now an owner-run family business again.